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Be sure to call first, some banks do not handle the cashing in of US Savings Bonds.MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR BONDS ARE WORTH BEFORE CASHING IN!Series EE Savings Bonds were originally offered on July 1, 1980, to replace Series E Savings Bonds, which were withdrawn from sale.EE Savings Bonds are reliable, low-risk government-backed savings products that you can use toward financing education, supplemental retirement income, birthday and graduation gifts, and other special events.Bonds with issue dates of November 1982 through October 1986 have a guaranteed minimum rate of 7.5% per year, compounded semiannually, for their 10-year original maturity period.These bonds are eligible for market-based rates once they're held for five years.

The Short-Term Rate is applied to bonds for the first five years they are held.

Only in times of a Federal Disaster being declared, can a Savings Bond be cashed-in before 1 year.

To cash-in an EE Savings Bond, simply bring it down to your local bank.

The rate is based on 10-year Treasury note yields and adjusted for features unique to savings bonds, such as the tax deferral feature and the option to redeem the savings bonds at any time after the initial holding period.

EE Savings Bonds purchased today increase in value every month rather than every six month. Series EE Savings Bonds purchased on or after May 1, 2005, earn a fixed rate of return which is set at their purchase. See the chart above in the Maturity Rules section for your bond's maturity information.

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