18 year old girl dating a 17 year old guy

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By doing so, one opens oneself up to easy accusations of child rape.Therefore, it is safest legally and socially for an adult to date only other adults.Dating anyone who is not also legally an adult is extremely risky.It is considered extremely socially unacceptable and suspect for anyone in college or in the work world to be dating a 16 year old child who is still in high school.But then I wonder if doing that makes me miss out on life. When I was 18 I dated someone who was 24 for like 3 months and at 19 dated someone who was 33 and had two beautiful daughters (actually now thinking about his daughters and miss what we had). My first "real relationship" started when I was 18 and she was 15, I stayed with her for 2 years and there was no sex.

it dont match cope any way I'm wondering if it's okay for an 18 year old girl to date a 15 year old guy? I asked him out a while ago, but I thought he was turning 16. and I was talking to people who made me feel really guilty and preverted.

But 18 is a bit young and you are at such different stages in life.

But, overall, just do what's legal and what you feel comfortable doing :) It's really no one else's business anyways.

I don't actually plan on acting based on what people say.

I turned 24 yesterday and for the past year, I've been back in school. Life in school has been pretty much the same every day.

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