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There is a tendency or mainstream – you may call it like that – two third parts of single ladies rushed to register on dating websites.

And we distinguish 40% of those who are fresh to became in the age of 18!

more about Polina from Kiev-Moscow I hope that you would be glad to meet a happy, kind, loving and caring girl. But I learned to believe in my talents and strengths. more about Elena from Nikolayev "I love you" means I accept you for the person you are and I do not wish to change you into someone else.

It means that I will love you and and stand by you even through the worst ...

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We can notice the huge growth of mobile usage in 2014 from 7% to 25%.Thus they earn money only and they do not want to change anything in their life.It is really sad, as this stream influenced on general international scam problem all over the world.They are convinced dating undustry as a great chance to be happy in foreign marriage, 30% from this amount is dreaming of a fairy wedding with all that arragements like in American movies.10% want to leave the country and find a good future somewhere abroad.

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