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my advise to you is to buy a home pregnancy test from the store and test to see if you are actualy pregnant or not.all you have to do is pee on the plasitc probe that looks like a spoon and in ten minutes it will tell you if you are pregnant, the sooner you know you are pregnant, the better chances of having a healthy baby.A physician routinely checks the appearance of the hymen of baby girls at birth[citation needed], and again during all future pelvic examinations.In cases of suspected rape or sexual abuse a detailed examination of the hymen may be carried out, however the condition of the hymen alone is often inconclusive or open to misinterpretation, especially if the patient has reached puberty.

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We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.After a woman gives birth she may be left with remnants of the hymen called carunculae myrtiformes or the hymen may be completely absent. In societies which value chastity, the greatest significance of the hymen is a traditional belief that an intact hymen indicates a state of intact virginity.However, it is not possible to confirm that a woman or post-pubescent girl is a virgin by examining the hymen.plz reply me as sson as you can and i appreciate that i dont know anything about that :(ok here is the answer to your questions The hymen (name for the Greek God of marriage and weddings, Hymenaeus, later also the Greek word for membrane; also called maidenhead) is a fold of mucous membrane which surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. There is no such thing as "congenital absence of the hymen", ie it is a myth that girls are born without a hymen.The most common formation of the hymen is crescentic or crescent-shaped, although several other formations are possible.

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