Aaron and gui gui dating

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Gui Gui is the only child of divorced parents, and has learned to foster a sense of self-sufficiency at a young age.

In October 2007, she was involved in a scandal with Taiwanese TV presenter, Blackie Chen, whom she viewed as a fatherly figure.

Wu Fu Chen and her younger sister, Wu Ying Jie left that world a longtime ago.

To an child, play was the What happen's when the person you have chatted turns out to be the person you hate the most?

Guigui and Aaron have been chatting in a chat website and they like each other,however;neither of them know who is behind the computer but destiny has another plans.

Guigui moves to his school and she hates him and he hates her too but they do not know that is her/him the person they are chatting.

Aaron knew what she had experienced, but getting her trust is difficult now. The adult world was as distant as the sky, with no worries, no work, no stress, do you remember the times when you were a child?In April 2009, Channel V's director, Andy Chang, responded to rumors of Gui Gui leaving his agency.He expressed that she was unlikely to renew her contract, but hinted that the singer would partake in group activities per usual since Hey Girl's record contract did not belong to Channel V.All English translations, English subbed videos, edited graphics and gifs on this site belong to Dearaaronyan unless otherwise stated.Please do not repost elsewhere without crediting and linking back to this site (

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