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"They're very playful."The dogs' former owners, identified as Kim and Raven Rogers, face municipal charges in Aberdeen for failing to license and vaccinate the dogs as well as failing to have a kennel license. Monmouth prosecutor's detective named SPCA chief Rabies in dogs is uncommon in New Jersey.The rabid dog that sparked the quarantine for the Aberdeen 5 was the first such case in New Jersey since 2008.“There are some doctors, some clinics, who feel that Suboxone is almost like a therapeutic drug to help them get off [heroin], but it is still a lower-level opiate.It will still cause the child to go through withdrawals.” Sharp says that Southwest Ohio has seen a heroin epidemic over the past four or five years, and that addiction has led to a surge in children being removed from their parents’ care.

They are not showing any signs of aggression," she said.These five pups are as cute as can be and ready to play — just as soon as they get the final OK from health officials monitoring the animals for symptoms of rabies exposure.Monmouth County animal advocates now hope to raise ,000 to cover the cost of caring and finding new homes for the five dogs, which were removed from an Aberdeen home after being exposed to a rare case of canine rabies. County officials say their owners never claimed the dogs after Monmouth County Health Department officials seized them.They went to a doctor in Cincinnati, a licensed addiction specialist who told her that giving up opiates cold turkey while pregnant could result in a miscarriage.He put her on a maintenance program using the drug Subutex (another formulation is Suboxone), which contains buprenorphine hydrochloride and works to reduce the symptoms of opiate dependence.

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