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And Walker said that, for him, that would have made all the difference.His 26 years since have included two suicide attempts, a failed marriage, and an adulthood of self-doubt and self-blame that he attributes, in part, to the abuse he claims he suffered at the hands of his Scoutmaster. To a certain extent there was almost a love involved," he says now."They've taken this great concept of scouting that can help so many kids and they have perverted," he said, "because they were so worried about their own image instead of being worried about the boys they were trying to help." None of the Louisiana files available indicate that the Scouts, on their own, picked up the phone and called the police.Nor do most show any significant internal investigation to determine if the leaders they were banning had abused other children."It would have totally changed my life." "Normal Rockwell painted pictures of Boy Scouts" A council Scout Executive named William Lucas wrote the letter that added Walker's Scoutmaster to the perversion files."I talked with [him] at some length and am convinced in my own mind that he should not be permitted to continue his registration with the Boy Scouts of America," Lucas wrote. "I don't want to get involved with something that happened 25 years ago." Letters like the one he wrote in 1986, from regional Scout Executives across the country, prompted the placement of thousands of men, and a handful of women, into the perversion files.Lawyers continue to battle the Scouts for more of the most current files, from the 1990s and 2000s, that have been used as evidence in lawsuits but remain protected from public disclosure by court order.

"This subject and the Scouts were not prosecuted to save the name of Scouting." California-based attorney Tim Kosnoff, who's sued the Boy Scouts more than 100 times and has studied the documents for decades, was struck by how many of the Louisiana cases were first reported to the Scouts, who then failed to turn them over to law enforcement.He had questions for him: about the vodka parties they'd had when he was 14, about the pornography they'd watched together, about a night in the backseat of a van when he says he pretended to sleep while his Scoutmaster fondled him. And while he kept his secret, the Scouts were keeping one, too.For all those years, his former Scoutmaster's name was listed among the Boy Scouts of America's "perversion files" -- a vast, long-hidden collection of documents chronicling suspected child molesters cast out of the Scouts over the past six decades.Months after that night in the van on the way home from a camping trip, another teenage boy reported that the same Scoutmaster had fondled him, too, Walker learned.The troop leader, an offshore oil worker, was banished from the Scouts and quietly returned to his home state of Illinois. Many of the Louisiana files now available resemble that of Walker's former leader: the Boy Scouts learned of the suspected abuse, drove the accused offender from their ranks but failed to report the allegation to law enforcement.

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