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They may live for fabulously long periods of time but ultimately their material bodies will also get old, get sick and die.

In India there is a great misconception about these gods or demigods of this material world and men of less intelligence, although passing as great scholars, take these demigods to be various forms of the Supreme Lord.

People are working hard in their company worshiping and trying to please their ‘boss’ so they will get promoted within the company and earn more money. The ‘boss’ is a person who has achieved a higher position in the company by worshiping the company leaders and serving them and performing austerities like working hard and doing overtime without pay…

As a result he has advanced in the company and has some power and authority over a small section of the company.

They can not give spiritual benefits because they themselves are not liberated from the material world.

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Quickly, of course, men get results from fruitive work in this world.” (Bhagavad Gita 4.12)Many people get confused when it comes to God and the demigods.

They make no distinction between Krishna and the material demigods considering that worship of any of the ‘gods’ is equal to the worship of Krishna. The demigods are delegated with powers by Krishna so they can manage this material world.

Actually, as we have discovered, the demigods are not different forms of God, but they are all Gods different parts and parcels–just like we are. The demigods are living entities like us with different grades of material power.

So if we want to worship demigods to satisfy them individually one-by-one that will be a very difficult task. They have a huge list of demigods and try to worship them all for different boons or benefits.

The benedictions of the demigods are strictly limited to material benefits.

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