Accommodating cultural differences and commonalities

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Once students' orientations are known, the teacher can structure tasks to take them into account.For example, before some students can begin a task, they need time to prepare or attend to details.This positive identification creates a basis for the development of effective communication and instructional strategies.Social skills such as respect and cross-cultural understanding can be modeled, taught, prompted, and reinforced by the teacher. Interviews with African-American high school students who presented behavior challenges for staff revealed that they wanted their teachers to discover what their lives were like outside of school and that they wanted an opportunity to partake in the school's reward systems.

While some students adjust their behavior automatically, others must be taught and provided ample opportunities to practice.

One reason that the linkage between culture and learning styles is controversial is that generalizations about a group of people have often led to naive inferences about individuals within that group.

Although people connected by culture do exhibit a characteristic pattern of style preferences, it is a serious error to conclude that all members of the group have the same style traits as the group taken as a whole.

There is very little disagreement that a relationship does exist between the culture in which children live (or from which they are descended) and their preferred ways of learning.

This relationship, further, is directly related to academic, social, and emotional success in school.

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