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We are committed in providing academic and campus llife accommodation to students with disabilities/Special Educational Needs.

You are encouraged to contact the Advisor to Students with Special Educational Needs if you need any advice and assistance.

There were 57,242 children (about 10 per cent of all B. public school students) identified as having special needs in 2013-2014.

This is going to be a very expensive child’,” Lori said.The question of how best to teach students with special needs is at the heart of public education, and forms the controversial core of a long-running court case, rancorous labour negotiations and the ongoing teachers’ strike. Even if the court case is ultimately resolved in the teachers’ favour, restoring class composition provisions won’t be easy — in the 12 years since 2002, special needs classifications have changed, the terminology has changed, and the concept of inclusion has radically changed the way students with special needs are accommodated in the classroom. Supreme Court has ruled, twice, that teachers’ constitutional rights were violated more than a decade ago when bargaining over class size, class composition and specialist teacher ratios was stripped from their collective agreement. The court rulings are under appeal and teachers are on strike after they failed to renegotiate a contract that expired in June 2013, despite more than a year and a half at the bargaining table.And where is the data that might suggest that they be continued on the student's IEP?Using data to identify, monitor, and evaluate the use of accommodations for individual special education students is a must if educators are to verify that those students are making progress academically.

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