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These advertisements were often mailed to the postmaster general and forwarded to local newspapers.

This meant that postings could originate from across the country with the hopes of snagging more exotic partners.

Newspapers of the time are riddled with unsatisfied customers and jilted respondents.

Take for instance, this woman: Her hopes of snagging a wealthy husband (or at least one who can pay the bills) seem to have backfired after the nuptials were read.

Historically, February 29th, the extra day in the Gregorian calendar every four years, has informally given special privileges to marriage-minded women.Matrimonial agencies often had their own circulating publications, but they also frequently created newspaper ads in local newspapers on behalf of their clients, taking advantage of the near-ubiquitous newspaper readership of that time.Although it was certainly useful to ask a matrimonial agency for help, it was also quite embarrassing and not something a respectable couple would outline in their marriage announcement.——————————————————————————– ¹For a bit of reading on the topic, see: Pollard, A. “New Year’s Day and Leap Year in English History.” “To Ladies of Refinement, 17 to 25 years of age: I can introduce you to a fine-looking gentleman, who is rich, middle-aged, and whose reputation is par excellence; everything strictly confidential. Warren is a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on love, marriage and emotional health.

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