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“A lot of people are lamenting the end of the novel, but I think it’s simply evolving,” Rebecca (Becky) is a Collection Development Librarian at the Westerville Public Library in Ohio.

Her interests include art, keeping the largest to-read list Goodreads has ever known, and searching for a dash of magical realism in everything.

As a result, I currently have poems accepted for publication and short stories submitted and awaiting acceptance or rejection.

Editors can accept or reject them but Wattpad experience has melted the hard frost that immobilized me.

Sending off a story doesn’t freeze me in my tracks me anymore.

This change in attitude could not have happened if I didn’t dare myself to post one novel chapter per week on Wattpad.

About that “professional and amateur” distinction: with the exception of Atwood and a few other standouts, Wattpad’s contributors tend to fall into the “amateur” vein.Wattpad’s userbase is massive and highly engaged: any random work, be it original or fanfiction, may have more comments than the top reads on Movellas, Quotev,, and AO3 combined.” columnist Heis Aidan D writes, “Due to the highest percentage of Wattpad members being teenagers and young adults in high school and college, it’s consistently growing to be both a reading and writing haven as well as a social network to compete with major powers in social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.” Ali Novak, the young Wattpadder interviewed in this video, takes the sentiment even further, having abandoned Facebook altogether: “Wattpad is my Facebook.” is more new adult than teen, but having begun on Wattpad, will have its share of teen readers.(Its Wattpad version remains freely available, while its print version has been released in “an extremely .(In-line comments and chatty author’s notes erase any space between writer and reader, and comments often influence the direction of a serialized piece.) At , host (and YALSA president!) Candice Mack asks what type of support educators and libraries can provide to Wattpad users.

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