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I am so excited that I start to run and tell mom, then stop. I run my hands over her ass and cup her firm round cheeks before sliding my fingers along the thin material stretched into the crevice.I decide I'm going to figure out how it works before I tell mom about it. After dinner, I tell mom I'm just going to read one of Uncle Harry's books. Most of it I don't understand, but there are sections that appear to be written specifically for a non-technical audience. "Mom, next time I ask to use the car to go to the mall, say yes, give me the keys and twenty dollars spending money, okay? I press the button on the device again and the tone stops. "Okay, you can take it off, now." I tell her and she bends forward stripping her thong off in one quick motion.Rotating the thumb wheel and listening for the steady tone, tunes it to the neurological frequency of a specific subject. " I say from behind her as she's leaning over the sink. I can't resist running my fingers over her nipples, as I wait for her answer. " I ask her, continuing to fondle her beautiful, firm tits. She's just standing there, staring straight ahead answering my questions as I explore her body with my hands. "Yes." "Do you swallow your boyfriend's cum, Allison?Pressing the button then renders the subject submissive and responsive to suggestions. "Twenty-four." She says matter-of-factly as I pinch her nipples and squeeze her tits. At 18, I've had a few girl friends, but none have looked like this. " I've moved to her side so I can put one hand on her ass, while the other one cups her pussy, running one finger up and down her slit. I really don't like it, but sometimes I'll do it as a special treat for him." She says in the same monotone she's been answering all my questions.Mom is hoping to sort through everything in 4-5 days.

Some of the books are valuable first editions and some are just normal books that everyone has on their bookshelves.

He seemed like one of those guys who would stash things around the house and then forget where they are. " My mom's brother died in a car accident a couple of months ago and my mom is executor of his estate.

Like every Christmas she doesn't just send presents, she drives down and gives Uncle Harry his present.

Last December, Mom and my sister Susan drove down just before New Years. Sometimes he didn't have patience for the mundane things that we consider normal." Uncle Harry really was smart.

It's spring break now and I'm out of school, which is why mom asked me to come with her this time. He was one of the leading neurologists in the country, with huge research grants.

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