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Maurice is interested and developed special knowledge in the learning process of adults.

Basic themes are: transformational learning, the impact of learning, social inclusion, learning environment, blended learning and transfer.

Topic - Participation - Integration - Qualification for Labour-Market - Illiteracy - Improvement of working-skills - Learning and Working - Digital Learning - Increase of Social Inclusion (

id=54933) - Early school Leaving / drop outs General Adult Education for early school-leavers Quality system / insurance There are two restrictions in the Netherlands: 1.

For examination of migrants the providers needs to accredited; 2.

Most of adult education concerning educational programmes of the Law of Budget for Participation belongs to the Regional Adult Education Centres.

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We offer free chat rooms with private messaging with no registration needed. You can set your own avatar, tell people what country your from, give your age and gender.Responsible public bodies / ministries Ministry of Education, Culture and Science: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment: Relevant umbrella associations and national (service) organisations MBO-Raad: (Regional Centres of Adult Education) NRTO: (adult education providers for profit) Nieuwe BV: (non-formal adult education) Providers of Adult Education In the Netherlands there are different types of Adult Education providers.By theme: - Law of Budget for Participation: Mostly Regional Organisations of Adult Education or providers of adult education for profit - Law of societal development (WMO): Mostly Regional Organisations of Adult Education and welfare organisations - Secondary School for adults: Mostly Mostly Regional Organisations of Adult Education or providers of adult education for profit - Vocational training: Mostly Training institutions Finances Funding 1: Law of Budget for Participation: Aiming Integration, Re-integration, Adult Education and secondary schooling for adults aiming at gaining starting-qualification(s) for the labour-market Funding 2: Law of societal development (WMO): Aiming at supporting vulnerable citizens and liveability in communities; Funding 3: Employers: Vocational training: Gaining qualifications and skills for improvement attitude at work or employability.What is typical for Adult Education in the country?Adult education in the Netherlands is an educational process where adults try to gain a start-qualification on the labour-market, improve their working-skills or improve their daily.

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