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The series is set between 2006–2008 in a world where superheroes exist.However, most of the superheroes in the series' universe are corrupted by their celebrity status and often engage in reckless behavior, compromising the safety of the world.In February 2009 Dynamite announced a spin-off mini-series Herogasm, with art from John Mc Crea, who Ennis has worked with numerous times before, The series is The Boys version of the big 'event' storylines but, according to Ennis "while we're having a pop at the notion of mass crossovers within a shared universe, we're not picking on 'Crisis' or 'Secret Wars' or 'Countdown' or whatever in particular."Our heroes' minor role in the story gradually alters its dynamic, until something happens in #4 that sends things off on a completely unexpected tangent.

Billy Butcher learns of a presidential directive charging the CIA with monitoring all superheroes.

On January 24, 2007, the series was abruptly canceled with issue 6.

Ennis later explained that this was because DC Comics (of which Wildstorm was an imprint before it was disbanded) were uneasy with the anti-superhero tone of the work.

Judging that he is suitable to join the team, Butcher injects Hughie with a specially formulated mix of V that gives him super-strength and durability—much to Hughie's chagrin.

Meanwhile, Annie January, an evangelical Christian who fights crime as the superheroine Starlight, is recruited to join the Seven, the most elite of the superhero teams.

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