Adult dating moms for daughters

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Girls grow up believing that love, approval and validation are very scarce and one must work to the bone in order to be worthy of it.

Then as adults they attract situations that replicate this pattern over and over.

When a daughter is asked to be an emotional prop for her mother, she is unable to rely on her mother enough to get her own developmental needs met.

After the daughters have been robbed of their childhood via the invasive needs of their mothers, they are then attacked for having the audacity to propose a discussion about the dynamics of the relationship.(Many of these dynamics and effects are also true for male children as well.) Parentified daughters are robbed of their childhood. Mothers may expect their daughters to listen to their problems and ask them to provide comfort and nurturing to calm her adult fears and worries.The daughter may be expected to bail her mother out of her problems or to clean up her messes, whether physical or emotional ones.It conveys to the daughter that her developmental needs are simply "too much" for the mother and so the child blames herself for even existing.The young girl gets the message that she does not have a right to have needs, does not have a right to be listened to or validated as her own person.

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