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I will help you understand the forces driving unhealthy behavior and develop healthier options.I can help when: *You want to move forward *You feel depressed, anxious, fearful, hopeless or are struggling with losses *You struggle communicating with people close to you, or with colleagues.I advocate for and support my clients by coordinating care with other professionals, schools, and family as needed.""I am a licensed psychologist experienced in working with children, adolescents, and adults.I advocate for and support my clients by coordinating care with other professionals, schools, and family as needed.""We're all on a journey and sometimes we hit bumps in the road.

Working with a teen today to manage anxiety can equip her to better cope with anxiety that may re-occur in her 30's. Sometimes, we all find ourselves in a different, new, challenging situation that we need some guidance to navigate.""I have more than a decade of experiencing working with families and individuals of all ages.

I have experience working with trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management, grief and problems related to school, work, parenting and relationships. I will provide a safe and warm environment where you will learn how to gain self-confidence, improve relationships, change behavior, and heal past wounds.

I hold an advanced certification in drug and alcohol counseling and specialize in working with survivors of domestic violence. If you are in a crisis, facing a challenging situation, or seeking help for your child, you will be able to gain insight into your problems and take control over your life.""About thirty years ago while attending Smith College graduate program, I learned that psychotherapy is the study of "the vicissitudes of love." Over my long career of counseling individuals and couples, both as a clinical director of a large outpatient mental health center, and for the past decade in private practice, the ups and downs of life and love have been my focus.

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist who specializes in dealing with anxiety and traumatic disorders, as well as various other mood, adjustment, attention and family difficulties.""I strive to create a safe place for you to explore and successfully address the challenges that bring you to therapy.

I use a variety of techniques including cognitive therapies, body-oriented therapies (energy-work), and communication enhancement.

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