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Trading Platinum for gold is not forbidden, however it is a risky business.The purchase of Platinum for gold is not official and thus not supported by the Administration. To prevent getting scammed we advise you not to click the Apply button in trade window until both parties inserted the amount of goods negotiated.Punishment can be anything from some time of not being able to chat up to an IP ban for severe violations. Posting of more than three smileys in a line is considered smiley flood.All violations are subject to be punished by either the moderators or the Administrator. Also the number tags like * 001 * and symbols like : P and so on are considered smileys (please be advised, that moderators may ask you to stop excessive smiley use in order to improve char performance, if their request will be ignored it will be considered as flood).

In void, you cannot see mutes issued, so suddenly reporting something may fall under this as well.

Important: These products are intended for users who are 18 years old or older.

Please check with your local laws to know the legal age to view explicit adult material.

From the simple erotic puzzle to games with more concrete situations, you are going to have a good time.

Everyone's fantasies are for sure in this sexy games category.

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