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You then choose your departure date and length of stay (maximum 7 days). The only online travel agency left that offers a fare calendar function is Cheap, but it's time-consuming to use because it will show you a calendar of dates when the fare is "valid" according to airline rules but could be sold out; so you have to hunt and peck.

Domestic and international fares are supported on most airlines (except Southwest and some non-U. Also, it only covers some but not all domestic routes and no international ones.

Then there are the airline sites with flexible date calendars.

These include: Jetblue Best Fare Finder Southwest Shortcut United (click on the "My Dates are Flexible" button).

As part of our pledge to you and your community, Fare enforces a ZERO Tolerance policy regarding intoxication in any form by a driver operating and or using the Fare app.A sales rep might want to establish a new face-to-face relationship with a client but only when the fare is cheap, or a grandmother might want to visit her grandkids whatever month it's most economical to fly and so on. Only one metasearch site offers a true flexible date search function, and that's Click on the "make my dates flexible" link, and then choose /- 3 days, weekends, or flex month.Hawaiian Airlines Click on the "See a monthly view of fares" link (the one in the very small typeface).Spirit (searches automatically default to a fare calendar, which is unique in the industry) So why don't more airlines and airfare sites offer a truly flexible date search option? Each flexible search ties up more computer resources than a specific date search because there are more variables to crunch.

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