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So don't go complaining about it -.-'' especially not the backgrounds.

And even so my first time drawing on my pc with mouse.

If you have tips or feedback I'd love to read them.

Before I forget, it is slightly opossites attract Characters (c) Kishimoto [email protected] , you can enter room 1,2,3,4 and the locked [email protected] fix :3 , if you find any be sure to report, [email protected] Zetsu, Deidara, Tobi & Madara.

Ok i didn't read the description and i was wondering about the broken buttons. I want to finish this but I need to find the time and energy to, first? I'll try to finish this sometime soon so if you want to have it in your mailbox you can always watch!! Or are you telling me you're still not done after a year? You always make such intriguing and interesting previews but never finish anything and leave us hanging.

(not like a hater of course) and btw i like sasodei better. So, I don't really know how to answer your question... -sees Deidara-Me: I can't find the "glomp" option button DXIt's really good so far! (and pissing him off XDDDD)(I played this so many times XD I can't get enough of this, even if its just a preview XD)HAHAH man you must have been disappointed, sorry x D I'm suuuuper happy to hear you enjoyed the preview, means a lot!

Hidan was performing a bloody ritual that involved the (5 seconds late) milkman, Kakuzu was counting money, SAsori was varnishing his chest while arguing fiercely over the meaning of true art with Deidara, Tobi was being a nuisance, Pein was playing cards with all of his bodies, Konan was folding origami, Kisame was crying over a can of shark fin soup (' How could you Kakuzu?! I'll need some time to decide."The group glared ferociously at each other. In Otogakure, Orochimaru dropped his eyeshadow brush in surprise as he heard a faint scream.

Thanks for reading ( and probarly trying the game ).

Sorry, he's the reason I'll never finish a game like this .

btw this will NOT be discontinued even if i am having lazy days x D so ya it will get finished eventuallyi just use flash 8 which i downloaded for free ( which is rare but yes this link IS legal i checked b4 i used it ) and i learned the coding from pacthesis and fishizfriends .

If you want to make a game i can give u tips ( if u need help with coding and such )i've added a few gaara scenes if u want me to upload it ( hes my fave!

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