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To find a language code quickly, add the code to your URL as a section link.For example, Wiktionary: List of languages#en will link directly to English. See also Wiktionary: List of families and Wiktionary: List of scripts. Lawrence Eskimo, Siberian Yupik, Siberian Yup'ik, Siberian Yupik Eskimo, Siberian Yup'ik Eskimo, St. If you are running a bot or other automation tool which needs to access Wiktionary data, see Module: JSON data. Ü, Dbus, Lhasa, Lhasa Tibetan, Amdo Tibetan, Amdo, Panang, Khams, Khams Tibetan, Khamba, Tseku, Dolpo, Humla, Limi, Lhomi, Shing Saapa, Mugom, Mugu, Nubri, Walungge, Gola, Thudam, Lowa, Loke, Mustang, Tichurong Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, Eastern Canadian Inuit, Western Canadian Inuktitut, Western Canadian Inuit, Western Canadian Inuktun, Inuinnaq, Inuinnaqtun, Inuvialuk, Inuvialuktun, Nunavimmiutit, Nunatsiavummiut, Aivilimmiut, Natsilingmiut, Kivallirmiut, Siglit, Siglitun Betsimisaraka Malagasy, Betsimisaraka, Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy, Northern Betsimisaraka, Southern Betsimisaraka Malagasy, Southern Betsimisaraka, Bara Malagasy, Bara, Masikoro Malagasy, Masikoro, Antankarana, Antankarana Malagasy, Plateau Malagasy, Sakalava, Tandroy Malagasy, Tandroy, Tanosy, Tanosy Malagasy, Tesaka, Tsimihety, Tsimihety Malagasy, Bushi, Shibushi, Kibushi, Sakalava Central Siberian Yup'ik, St. |aus-pam| aus-cww-pro|Proto-Central New South Wales! |qfa-und| nhi|Zacatlán-Ahuacatlán-Tepetzintla Nahuatl! -- This module loads the same data in a single string, which should -- be much less overhead to load.

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Words of the same root the same denotational account of the historical office on January.

|poz-btk| poz-cet-pro|Proto-Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian!

-- The packed data must have two newlines before the first item, -- and two newlines after the last (otherwise this code can fail).

-- Each item begins and ends with a newline (there is a newline before the -- first item, and a newline after the last). -- We return nil if not found, but that should never happen -- as the text used has a preceding newline. local sub = for i = pos, 1, -1 do if sub(text, i, i) == '\n' then return i end end end local function find_item(text, key) -- Do a binary search in the packed text for the given key.

-- A value may be a string or a numbered table of strings. tablesep local function find_start(text, pos) -- Return the position (index) in text of the first newline -- at or before index pos (start of current record).

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