Ali and baba had been dating

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As I took a bite of the marinated chicken with slight grill marks, all skepticism flew out the window.

Their boneless chicken was crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and paired with a garlic plain yogurt-based sauce.

In other words, it’ll be “an adventure movie with strong comedic undertones.” Few other details are known but it sounds like this might be a Westernized and/or modernized version of the familiar story.

Hemsworth, Stevens, and Peters are all testing for the young male lead role of Allen, who seems to be the film’s new version of Ali Baba.

Not really knowing what the difference was, I asked her which she preferred and she said yellow.Along with the hummus and lightly dressed salad, the entree was well balanced.I’m glad I took the cashier’s advice to go with the yellow rice.After some deliberation on what to order since everything was under my Starving Student budget, I finally landed on the chicken kebab entree.I stepped up to the counter and ordered the entree, which came with rice, hummus and salad.

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