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My mind was focused on creating a good company and bringing others together.We had one extra man that night, and when Aaron was without a "date", I went over to let him know he had a 3 minute break (each date is 3 minutes long).He says she needs to know that someone else speaks her language, and she seems to have understood that, as she has never bossed anyone around quite as much.It seems all too magical that the success stories of 25would include my very own.

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I was doing what I do several nights each week, hosting one of our speed-dating events, which we had started more than 3 years earlier.

We went on our first date 2 days later and I knew after our first date that he was the one.

He is assertive and is not afraid of me being that as well.

My cat (her name is Little Girl) has adopted him as her own.

We got to know each other well and the more I knew about him, the happier I was as he really was everything I had hoped he was.

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