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She fell to her death Covered in bruises, gashes and stitches after being pushed out a first floor window by her captor, 23-year-old Pulane Sikisi arrived at the offices of Media24’s Afrikaans newspaper, the Volksblad, begging for help.Her tale was all too familiar: a small town girl, she left her two children and her mother to earn money in the city - where she met a man.He trapped her in the city, hooked her on drugs and forced her to work as a prostitute. Just weeks after appealing for help, Sikisi plunged to her death from six stories up, in the building opposite the Volksblad. This cry for help - witnessed by News24's Corli van der Merwe - occurred in 2010 but, sadly, it seems that nothing has improved since then.

Then as soon as they arrive, their passports are seized and they are forced to ‘work off the debts’ incurred in getting here.”The A21 Campaign has helped a number of Kenyan men, for example, who were lured to the country with the promise of a soccer contract to play for a local team.“Once they got here, they realised that the promised soccer contracts were in fact a ruse to trap them into a situation of forced labour,” says Modrau.There is a huge misconception that trafficking only happens to women - desperate, trapped women who are turned into sex slaves.Katie Modrau, South African development manager at the A21 Campaign, told News24: “But this is not true.The snake was spotted moments later by a boy in the last row, who found the snake curled up under a carry-on bag near his seat.The flight attendant was the real MVP, jumping into action and scooping up the snake (with her hands!! Airline spokesperson William Walsh said the passenger had violated policy in bringing the (motherfuckin') snake on the (motherfuckin') plane, saying in a statement: "For the purpose of preserving cabin safety for the greater traveling public, Ravn Alaska prohibits all rodents, ferrets, reptiles, snakes, insects or any type of venomous or poisonous creature from being used as an emotional support animal." A snake as an emotional support animal?

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