Amir khan dating katie price

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In his case Katie Price, aka Jordan, some tabloids suggesting – erroneously, he insists – that they may have indulged in a spot of horizontal sparring."I've learned to live with this sort of thing, it's not got to me one bit," he says. The media made it out that me and Katie were seeing each other and stuff but they've got the wrong end of the stick, we are just friends and we have only ever talked with each other.Although it’s never gone beyond flirting and her reps have also denied Amir’s the cause of her marriage troubles, it’s riled Alex.While Alex settles back in with his mum and dad in Hampshire, it seems Katie, 32, is wasting no time making plans to move to LA and bag a new man to boost her profile Stateside. Bolton boy Saj, 23, met Katie, 32, at an Oscars party the night before she hooked up with Leandro at Elton John‘s bash in LA.The Argentian hunk, 25, flew in to England right away and has been snapped hanging out with the glamour girl.Boxer Amir Khan insists he’s not the reason Katie Price and Alex Reid have broken up.

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Actually there are a lot of things that I am alleged to have done that I haven't." In fact there is no particular girl in his life at the moment.

Amir Khan has hit back at reports that he has anything to do with the alleged split between Katie Price and husband Alex Reid. We don't msg each ova non-stop and I didn't even see her in Vegas.

Writing on Twitter, the champion boxer said: "So u all no. (sic)" The boxer added: "We just friends I can't believe how everything's twisted! And they made a great couple." He also directed a message to the glamour model's account, saying: "When I saw the article today I laughed, its mad how people twist things.

Papers say its because of me, Katie Price split up with Alex. I'm an Innocent Bolton lad lol."According to the reports, Katie joined Amir Khan and some friends for a post-fight dinner in Las Vegas in December.

At the time, Alex Reid wrote on Twitter: "It was not nice to read the stories on her while she was away, though.

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