Amy laurent rules of dating

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This book is a great refresher to keep yourself in check if you feel like you are starting to act ridiculous or crazy or find yourself over-analyzing everything in the first few weeks of meeting someone new.

Amy Laurent, professional matchmaker and star of the Bravo reality show “Miss Advised,” shares with us how to get and keep the guy you want in the first eight weeks.

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It will also help you get your current relationship back on track, if you need a reset button.I have to say after dating several younger guys, it is easy to text and have a relationship built on texting, when a guy should be calling you to hear your voice and get to know you better and figure out when he can get to see you.I have turned into a guy in the last few years by answering calls with texts.Amy reminds us of what sets the daters from the non-daters – not money, looks, fame, personality, but how YOU behave.The guy should be making most of the major decisions in the first 8 weeks.

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