Andy and solbi dating

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The two had been playing as a make-believe couple over on MBC We Got…

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i got a shock and i had to borrow a charge card from our manager, and the company card at that.chj: shinhwa members used to go to clubs together.

i heard that only you didn't get recognized.andy: that was during the 5th jib.

i always felt that girls who work hard at what they do are the most beautiful.chj: during the times when you were dating, were there any moments when you didn't have enough money? when shinhwa was just starting out i wasn't really familiar with branded labels.

there was one day we were at this branded boutique and i thought the item cost about 100,000won so i wanted to get it for her, but then i realised it was much more than that.

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andy: two, one before my debut and one after my the us, when our school had special events, me and tony hyung would perform these impersonations of foreign singers.that's how i got discovered.chj: were you a very cautious person then? very shy, very uncomfortable around strangers.chj: i heard you were supposed to be a h.o.t member, what happened?dec 23, 2013 that isn't always the case of course, sometimes the show does .it was a scripted show and was more like a “ simulation” than a realistic .

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