Andy lee and solbi dating

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Perhaps, it was the evolution of their closeness that i saw on camera while they were doing the show that i was somehow convinced that real feelings were developed with each passing day, and along with that development also came how good they influenced each other to become better that you can’t help but root for them all the way.

And SS1's leader Kim Hyun Joong plays the quiet and serene, Hui! Here's the news Now who's going to play the Leader? Omg that would be so hot and besides he has already acted in a series and some videos, his acting is not so bad. Kim Hyun Joong was the first F4 member to be casted. *Raises both hands and feet* I am a mushy Anbi shipperdid I get that right? Yes people that is Andy Lee (one of my fave Shinhwa members) and Typhoon's Solbi! And episode 13 just broke my heart when Solbi lost the ring from Andyjeez!The couple that i’ve been spazzing the most on in recent months.They occupy my sleep, they make me fangirl like mad and i have never prayed as much for people i don’t know to end up together in real life the way that i pray for them now.(It doesn’t help that i think Jangwoo is extremely hot with a slight resemblance to Lee Dong Wook hence, i’m living my fantasies vicariously through Eunjung).As for Yonghwa and Seohyun, i know that a lot of fangirls will be after my head because of the Shinhye-Yonghwa pairing from the recently concluded Heartstrings but there’s just something about this two that gets to me.

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