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I know you might want to follow in my footsteps and have a career in gaming.

After all I'm a sedentary guy and you're going to have every opportunity to get interested in games and gadgets as you get older.

But certain things come more naturally to me than others and if there's even a small chance that you might find yourself working in the same industry as your old man I want to prepare you for it.

This letter is mostly about some stuff that happened recently but it's also about me your dad and how I've changed as a person over the years.

Sometimes they're little more than the rotting scaffolding that supports a worse version of yourself. What can I tell you about your father that you don't already know? Sure I haven't attended a live event in a while and I haven't played any MTGO since they disappointed me by not implementing 1v1 Commander in time for the release of the product of the same name.

Put another way if one's only religion is progression bridges with their connection to old ideals and lessons better forgotten can be heretics. (I bought two of those decks listlessly played some Singleton with your mother and then threw them back into the E-Closet.) Still even a little removed from the beaches of wizardry I remember the sodden wooden pilings of the dock (encrusted heavily with barnacles and crabs) and find them comfortably familiar. And by the time you're about eight years old we'll be able to check out the new MTGO client together. card a set of shared circumstances that allows us to identify each other and know that we've found a kindred spirit.

The stories of conference organizers begrudgingly booking female speakers and then grumbling about “affirmative action” are legion.

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“Why don't they want to sit around on the couch eat pizza and play Tekken 2? From age 18-28 I wanted nothing more than to have a steady girlfriend. At a time when I had no idea what I was doing with my life gaming provided an outlet a direction and an escape from depression.In many cases these so-called “smarts” did little but start us down the road to social ostracization.This is my “Depressed and Lonely” card which I now produce to prove to you that your father was unfortunately an introvert and not much of a smooth operator with the damsels.I want you to keep your head up no matter how much the goings-on of the world sometimes hang about your shoulders.I'm sorry that despite being 50% of the world's population females own 1% of the world's property.

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