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The current numbers are only a notch lower than 2013, when AOL had 2.5 million dial-up subscribers, according to the company's second-quarter earnings report.The numbers reflect a broader trend in broadband adoption—or lack thereof.Your schedule is your best friend today as it gives you a reason to politely decline people's well-meaning inquiries.You don't feel like discussing what's on your mind now, even if you could use...Doing what's best for your own mental and emotional health must be top priority today.Even though you feel strongly about taking a stand for your beliefs, you won't be an effective leader unless...MORE 3 Charts that Show Why Verizon Wants AOLOf course, not all dial-up subscribers are physically cut off from the broadband network.

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You hope your friends are impressed by your deeds and you may even think that luck is on your side as you continue...

The vast majority of Americans abandoned their dial-up connections in droves sometime between 20. Meanwhile, a slender minority of the population, roughly 3%, didn't make the switch, according to Pew Research.

Year after year, the same percentage of Americans stuck to dial-up.

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