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Large swathes of the live set is made up of material from Newsom's latest record - accliamed masterpeice and touted as her most accessible record to date - the excellent .Amongst other themes, "It's about time" the album reviews tell us when describing the record.Opening the show in what comes across as a respectful act, Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold lays bear his voice, accompanied simply by his own acoustic guitar.Coy ‘whoops' are called out to greet the few old favourite Fleet Foxes' songs, sung in a striped back style, as Glasgow is stunned into politeness.", it motivates a wry smile and the reply immediately comes "questions and answers time is now over" and the show continues.

Lyrically, her writing is as up close and personal as John Darnielle one moment and as vast and imaginative as Jules Verne the next.The £35 or so ticket price certainly hasn’t put off around a thousand people who’ve come to take in her live show at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow tonight (2 March).Evidently, It’s not just music nerds like us (I’m assuming you’re one too if you’re reading this article) that revere Joanna Newsom with such high regard.What's most striking tonight however, is the relationship she has with her music - it is pure, unpretentious and personal.She doesn't seem to treat it like a product, job or career; but she respects it like it's her love, her family and friend.

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