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And if the threat or intimidation is being employed in order to assist in or induce another person to participate in street gang activity, it becomes a class 3 felony.

Clearly, Arizona law takes this conduct seriously, and potential sentences run from up to six months (class 1 misdemeanor) to a maximum of seven years (class 3 felony), absent other factors affecting the sentence, such as prior criminal history. Assault is one of the more commonly charged crimes in Arizona.

A second degree murder charge generally involves knowingly, or under circumstances evidencing an extreme indifference to human life, but without premeditation, causing the death of another person.

And first degree murder is the premeditated killing of another person, as well as felony murder, and the murder of a law enforcement officer acting in the line of duty. These include, among other crimes, sexual assault (including forcible rape); sexual conduct with a minor (including statutory rape); unlawful sexual conduct; child molestation; and sexual abuse.

While some violent offenses in Arizona are classified as misdemeanors, and others as felonies, subtle changes in the nature of many misdemeanor charges often results in their re-classification as felonies, which means that there exists the real possibility of a prison sentence in the event of a conviction.

There are a host of violent crimes, that is, crimes involving the use or threatened use of violence, set forth under Arizona law.

Endangerment, sometimes referred to as reckless endangerment, consists, very simply, of recklessly endangering another person, thereby placing that person at risk of imminent death or physical injury.

It is similar to what in other jurisdictions may be referred to as menacing or in some situations even hazing.

This offense also includes causing serious public inconvenience such as the evacuation of a building or other facility.

If the threat is in retaliation for reporting criminal activity, or if it is committed by a street gang member, it is a class 6 felony.

These unusual situations aside, perhaps the most common example of endangerment arises where you are driving under the influence.

If you then crash your vehicle into a car being driven by another person, you could be charged with endangering the other driver.

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