Art forgeries radio active dating

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Undoubtedly, Greenhalgh was able to combine excellent painterly skills with a knowledge of art history, materials and technique.

But these alone would not have allowed him to dupe so many.

This work (which looks absolutely nothing like a Vermeer) was able to sway Bredius because the expert had always believed in the possibility of a Vermeer “religious period” since Vermeer had likely converted to Catholicism (his wife’s religion).

In other words, van Meegern shrewdly exploited the expert’s own preconceived beliefs.

But much of the genius behind the scam lay with his dealers, who devised tactics for corrupting the intellectual structures of the art market.

They co-opted experts – known in France as the – who could guarantee a work’s authenticity, knowing whom they could bribe and whom they could fool.

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These were art books that had their images printed on a different paper from the text; these pictures would be only lightly glued onto the page.If Greenhalgh’s claims are true, how did this forgery go unnoticed for so long?How did it pass the sniff tests of so many art historians and purported experts?After being charged with Nazi collaboration in the years following World War II, van Meegeren confessed that he had forged the artwork, and painted another work in the courtroom as proof.He would be convicted of fraud and died while appealing the sentence.

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