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Earlier authors had questioned each of these misfits as possibly painted by a pupil or one of his children but did not pursue that possibility or the paintings as a group.Vermeer did not register any pupils, but his follower could have been one of his children, whom he did not need to register, most plausibly Maria. That is, the paintings were sold and possibly produced as forgeries to alleviate the family’s financial straits., which would portray her at about 18 around 1672, also offers an astounding virtuoso display, including what may be the most fascinating (albeit implausible) headgear in the history of art.Her precocious masterpiece, if that is what it is, further mirrors and thereby transforms our experience of her father’s earlier These ideas, the subject of an all-day symposium at the New York Institute for the Humanities at New York University last spring, are admittedly speculations.In the wake of this denial, Tracy Chevalier’s novel But the evidence suggests Vermeer’s daughter Maria was his likely model and a crucial part of his art.

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In neither case does she take her job very seriously.

30, 2013: Due to an editing error, captions for the three paintings in this piece featured the dates commonly believed to be the original dates of Vermeer’s work.

We have updated the captions to reflect Binstock’s theory of their order.

Maria’s apprenticeship must therefore have been a family secret.

Perhaps partly because of these circumstances, she does not appear to have pursued painting after her marriage and her father’s death. Since the Frick paintings cannot travel, the present exhibition offers the only possibility of comparing the originals in proximity. If so, despite her technical challenges, she surpassed her father in psychological intimacy.

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