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we're pretty focused on raising our children and supporting our families. We don't have time or the inclination to sweat the smaller stuff.

Life & Style Weekly: Andrea Syrtash Weighs in on Brad & Angelina AOL: Fight Fairly (Video) NPR: Marketplace Money, Marriage & Money Yahoo!But if I date a woman in her 20s we have nothing in common." Well, guys, here we are! You're not gonna meet them unless this gets serious.You're looking at an amazing array of women whose biological clocks have ticked and tocked and likely don't want or need more babies. So, if you fall in love with us, you're gonna have to be willing to take on all that that means, but in the meantime, we just wanna have fun. We Are Powerhouses I personally believe that single moms are some of the most powerful women on earth.Woman's Day: Marriage Problems That Are Good For Your Relationship CMS Wire: Interview with Author, Andrea Syrtash The Nest: Andrea's Top 10 To-Dos To Be The Best Couple Yahoo! Your Weekend with Jim Brickman (CBS Local): Interview with Andrea Syrtash Vet Street: MCould your Cat Be Ruining Your Relationship? Upcoming: CBS Radio - The Jim Brickman Show WTOP Radio - How to Break Up with a Toxic Friend Life & Style Weekly (March issue) Live Appearance: No More Toxic Relationships (April) Esquire Magazine (May issue) Glamour Magazine (May issue) Cosmopolitan Magazine (May issue) The New York Post (video): Dating Q&A (May 2015) The Meredith Vieria Show- June 1 Spotlight on Andrea Syrtash with Dating How to Fight-Proof Your Honeymoon Prevention Magazine: 9 Books That Can Change Your Life in 2015 Men's Health: How to Be a Better Husband The New York Post: Having Sex at Home During the Holidays Global News, The Morning Show: Fall is Break-up Season! She Knows: How to Deal with Awkward Adventures of Online Dating (in partnership with the FXX series, "Man Seeking Woman") MSN Glo: Crushed Huffington Post: When Your Partner Feels More Like a Roommate Prevention Magazine: 12 Awkward Sex Questions Answered She Knows: Sexy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship (In partnership with the movie, 'Sex Tape') She Knows: Kendra on Top Premiere, Expert Advice with Andrea Syrtash She Knows: Did Hugh Hefner Give Kendra the Best Advice?Huffington Post (Home): 5 Real Questions to Ask Before Moving In Together Brides: Don't Let These Things Kill Your Sex Drive WTOP: Does a Happy Wife = a Happy Life?

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    The two were recently spotted in Mexico, celebrating their three-year anniversary, where they couldn’t keep their eyes off of one another.

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