Assigned task not updating

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This procedure runs an instance of the Update Role Users Task for the roles specified.Once you make a recurring profile, it will show up at the bottom of your project.Tasks that were made from a recurring profile will have a recurrence icon next to them.Recurring tasks will also show up in the Calendar so you can always know what's coming up and plan accordingly.Note that this is, by design, a non-destructive process—updating existing Entities using that Task Template will only push new Tasks to those Entities, and will not overwrite existing Task data.For example, if you change a field value on a Task that’s already in the Template, that is treated as the new default value for any new entities you assign that Task Template to.Once the field is showing, click into the field, and choose the appropriate Task Template for that Shot.

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The simplest way to see a task is on the page it was originally created on.

It's easy to see if a task is complete, who it's assigned to, and when it's due.

If a task is nearing or passed its due date, the color of the date will change (red for overdue, orange for due in the next 7 days).

The tasks page in your profile gives you a place to see all the tasks relevant to you.

Easily keep track of the status of tasks assigned to you, and tasks you've created and assigned to others.

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