Authlogic account activation validating email dating a teacher in college

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A hash of options for the validates_format_of call for the email field. Checkout the convenience function merge_validates_format_of_email_field_options to merge options. I wanted to keep this as flexible as possible, so you can completely replace the hash or merge options into it.

Auth Logic provides you with a tool to add this functionality, as well.

The author of Auth Logic suggests using a simple mechanism where a user first enters an e-mail, then receives a link to update the password, and then follows the link to actually set the new password.

After reading this tutorial you will be ready to use Auth Logic in your real projects. Create a new “Logical” app without the default testing suite: fields are actually optional.

Auth Logic supports HTTP basic authentication, which is enabled by default.You can use them to store additional information about a user, like last login date or last used IP.Go ahead and create a new migration: 0 add_column :users, :last_request_at, :datetime add_column :users, :current_login_at, :datetime add_column :users, :last_login_at, :datetime add_column :users, :current_login_ip, :string add_column :users, :last_login_ip, :string end end Log in and observe the result.Auth Logic uses SCrypt as a default crypto provider, but on Windows it constantly returns segmentation error and the server crashes.The quickest way is to use another provider – Auth Logic offers a handful of them.

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