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She jokes with me that her newly visible stomach is the result of pasta and good Mediterranean living.Now, though, she once again finds herself at the centre of a media firestorm.It doesn't hurt that they're pretty easy on the eyes as well! Tags: band, bf, bleachers, brain, everything, her, jack antonoff, killers, lena dunham, love, music, music minute, music video, perfection, released Lindsay Lohan may be on the straight and narrow when it comes to drugs and alcohol, but there's nothing that says a gurl has to give up her boi addiction![ has just been released and it turns out Lena was the brain behind it! And from what we hear, "boy" is the apt term here as 27-year-old Li Lo is reportedly dating a teenager! Ever since the comedians confirmed their relationship last year, we've been "Yes And"ing like crazy! Sources said: Tags: bf, breakup, breakups, broken up, filming, hawt, joel kinnaman, love line, news, olivia munn, robocop, sad, separated, single, together, toronto Amy Poehler and her BF Nick Kroll are so cute!

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Today, in her only interview since another terrifying episode two weeks ago, this time in London, caused headlines around the world, Lohan admits that a relationship she had hoped would bring marriage and children is violent, unstable and at an end – for the moment at least.Sadly, we weren't surprised to learn that Anderson was one of the victims as Miz De Paola shared he was one of the last people to drive the car.Related: Andy Cohen Calls Donald Trump A Real Housewife!However, recent months had seen a change in Lohan, and the more optimistic of her fans hoped that by putting Hollywood behind her and settling down away from the public eye in London, her life was starting to recover.She met and became engaged to 23-year-old businessman Tarabasov and there were even rumours she was pregnant.

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