Baptist views on inter racial dating

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That is who we need to be getting to believe in OUR vision for [South Africa] The campaign has not been without its critics – understandably, you have the conservatives who do not share the message's sensibilities towards inter-racial marriage (from both sides of the racial spectrum), church groups that are offended by the sexiness of the posters, and those who object to the fact that the dominant (male) figure is white and the subservient (female) is African.

Let us not fall into the trap of forgetting what we were trying to do here and listening to people who saw something which may have ruffled their sensibilities a bit.

They can have their lines and we must have ours and that is simply that.

We will not feel ashamed or socially bullied by some people’s disapproval of a campaign that promotes what we believe in, which is tolerance.

The same company, PPP, finds that in North Carolina, a state closely related to Mississippi and Alabama culturally, spiritually, geographically and politically, that 56% of North Carolinians supported a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and that 36% were opposed to such limitations.

Interestingly, the differences between those who are unsure about or oppose interracial marriage and those who oppose same-sex marriage is almost within the Mississippi-Alabama poll’s margin-of-error (not including the ‘undecided’ in North Carolina).

Are you OK with it as long as: A) It's not one of your children?

B) It's not in your church C) They're not gay or D) The couple's happy? Nor are Anabaptist congregations necessarily much better.

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Statewide, probable Republican voters not believing in Evolution or unsure totaled 77% of the total.Also interesting is the knowledge that the United States South maintained its anti-interracial marriage laws as a bloc until 1967, roughly 100 years after the US Civil War, and only 18 years before South Africa repealed its restrictions.Practically speaking, as more and more traditional Anabaptists leave their home congregations for mainstream American Evangelical churches and attend schools staffed by faculty trained in Southern Baptist-oriented institutions, it will be good to be aware of how much of this culture we will accept without mentioning anything and how far we will go to bring Mennonite values of tolerance and diversity into our new spiritual homes.Regarding the tough new anti-illegal immigration laws, 72% of Evangelicals felt they were good, versus only 53% of non-Evangelicals, and only 17% felt they were bad (versus 34 % of non-Evangelicals).Only 14% of Alabama Evangelicals planning to vote in the Republican primaries believed in Evolution, 86% either did not believe in it (74%) or were unsure.

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