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Read More Hi Richard, If you want to learn more around recommended Network Assessments, I recommend to look at the Skype Operations Framework Network Readiness section: https:// Read More The SOF team is excited to announce that all trainings for “Cloud Migration” are now available on demand. Also now that all training sessions have been delive...

The partners listed on this website represent those partners Microsoft has designated as Skype for Business Partners, there are many Microsoft certified Gold and Silver Communications partners globally.

Your schedule is your best friend today as it gives you a reason to politely decline people's well-meaning inquiries.

You don't feel like discussing what's on your mind now, even if you could use...

Read More Hi, in technet are rather specific and detailed network requirements for Skype for Business Online: ...

Read More Hi Manuel, we do have a tool recommendation and we have also detailed guidance as part of SOF.

Your passion takes you to amazing places and you're excited about your creations.

You hope your friends are impressed by your deeds and you may even think that luck is on your side as you continue...

With this change, all the advanced solutions developed in UCMA for contact centers , like grab information via macros from int...

I've tried on a fully patched Windows 10 (Home) and a fully patched Windows 7 Enterprise system. The recording can be found here: Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks, thomas Read More Hi everyone, as we all know last week Skype for Business on Mac was released.

We are looking to prepare for the release of the auto attendant and hunt groups to the Cloud PBX offering.

I would like to clarify the recommended approach to migrating customer's existing phone numbers (toll and toll-free) to the MS Cloud PBX offering. Read More Hi, I manage all PBX's in my organisation and have been assigned to look into the CCE and the whole Cloud intergration.

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