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From what I can discern from what you want, a BDSM dating site would probably be one of the last places you would ever want to look for a romantic partner.

For one, as I'm sure you noticed, there are very few women on the sites in your age group, and there is a huge gender imbalance toward men ( a sad fact of many BDSM websites, clubs, events, etc.).

Second, your desires are not really the kind of kink that people want to explore on those kinds of dating sites.

Has anyone had any luck on these BDSM dating sites ?And none of those seem like the kind of thing you are interested in.The kinds of people who make profiles on these sites have a certain expectation of the level of kink they will be getting from prospective partners, and very little of them will be satisfied with "50 Shaded of Grey BDSM Light" (as the community calls it).People meet people at concerts where they have a shared interest in the band.People meet people at political functions where they have a share interest.

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