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Beauty Department by Nadine Monley is a brand of self tanners from makeup artist Nadine Monley, whose work has appeared in magazines such as RUSSH, Oyster, Harper's, Instyle etc.

A series of posts relating to tanning, skin care, healthy living and makeup pro tips.For those wanting a more fantasy based scenario, they can enter the Jewel of Gleaming Thassa for a trip to the world of Gor.Of course no visit is complete without a trip to Club Soda, the Pub at Beauty’s Castle, where the only theme is to chat it up with friends and have a good time.I love reviews, writing and anything that is beautiful.I hope my blog will empower,inspire and encourage you.

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    The town is at the foot of Mount Sinjar, where thousands of Yazidis were forced to flee last month after being encircled by Isil.

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    Jailed: Duggan was sentenced to six years in jail at Guildford Crown Court today for rape.

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