Being too eager in dating

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I considered canceling the date, but decided to go.

During dinner, he's asking what plans I have for the weekend, and to me, it appears he does this in ways that are inclined towards figuring out my schedule.

More texting the day after that, and then a phone conversation early in the week, asking me out for dinner, which we determine will be at this restaurant by the hospital and will be at 6pm. The exchanges are usually in the tone of questions inclined towards getting to know the other person, e.g., what are your likes/dislikes, etc., so it has the flavor of someone taking interest in me which has its appeal, etc. He does the same ****ing **** with the over-confirmation, as if this dude has never been on a ****ing date before. I decided not to hold back and responded with, "didnt we discuss this the other day?

I have told him multiple times that my work schedule is Tues/Wed/Thurs, and he's always all, "oh, I didn't know you were working tonight," etc. How come you seem to get every text I send you but then don't pay attention to the ones about when/where we meet up? " Claimed to not have gotten the text, then claimed to be confused, etc.

Next day, while he thought I was already at my friend's house, another multi-hour text conversation ensued, which I did engage in, but it felt like, "damn, he apparently doesn't take into account that I'm with friends." I made it a point to end the conversation and that I was gonna go hang with my friends.

Fun conversation, lots of jokes, laughter, movie quotes, etc.

Texts still coming in, random things about "you just missed a day at the beach!

" and "are you working tonight" and then 2h later "hey u." Right on the day of the coffee date, he texted multiple times and called without leaving messages, then texting asking me to call him, and it was all about when and where we were meeting, even though we had decided that a week earlier without there ever being any variation in the plan.

Besides I'm dating multiple people, not looking to be with just one person, no stress, so no reason for this." He apologized, said he wouldn't call as much, etc., and the rest of the date was OK, I guess.

Walked me to my car afterwards, no kiss, just a hug goodbye.

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