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If you are looking for smaller gifts to take home Belleek will offer you plenty of options.

If you can afford it you may even opt for some antique Belleek.

Without doubt Belleek marks a place of excellence and refinement.

History The Belleek Pottery was established in 1858 by John Caldwell Bloomfield, heir of the large Castlecaldwell estate.

The courts ruled in 1929 that only the Irish company could use the word Belleek with a capital "B." Others are required to use belleek with a lowercase "b."


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The thirteenth trademark, used from 2008 to 2010, is similar to the twelfth but is brown and has no banner.

Belleek Marks Belleek has had seven marks from inception until today.

The first featured a wolfhound with the body facing left but the head tilted to look right. The seventh mark is identical to the sixth but the colour changed from green to gold.

The company was established and grew to gain a reputation for quality craftsmanship under the inspiration of Bloofield himslef who prized quality.

A tradition was established that any piece of pottery that had even the slightest flaw would be destroyed. The pottery is no longer made from local feldspar; the material is imported from Scandinavia.

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