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Mr Jahangir said that he earns about 0 a month and sends most of the money home to support his parents and six siblings."On my days off, I will either rest or go out with my friends to City Plaza," he added.Besides lonely local women, foreign domestic workers are also attracted to them. Take a 22-year-old construction worker whose sharp features and boyish good looks could pass him off as a Bollywood star.His fair complexion also helps him stand out in a crowd when TNP spotted him in Little India yesterday evening.The police have classified the case as unnatural deaths.Ms Vinegas is hardly the only woman in Singapore who has hooked up with a Bangladeshi foreign worker.

They give the foreign workers money and shower them with gifts. And the women doing this are not domestic workers but lonely local women.Cool and lush green – even in April – the district is geographically part of the North East, although its inclusion in West Bengal doesn’t predispose most Indians to think of it that way.The district capital is only 300 kilometres from Guwahati – less than half the distance from Kolkata.But the 2016 West Bengal Assembly election has breathed some fresh air into its sails, with the Bharatiya Janata Party allying with the Greater Cooch Behar People’s Association, a party whose principal demand is the creation of a state for the Rajbanshi people.Rail roko Cooch Behar rarely enters newsrooms in Delhi or even, for that matter, Kolkata.

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