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(CROSSTALK) TIMBERLAKE: The first time we sang together, she goes: "Man, you guys sound really in sync." And we were like ding, ding, ding. (CROSSTALK) KIRKPATRICK: We had a lot of hard work and a little house that three of us lived in, and actually Lance came down and lived in for a while.

I mean, we worked so hard just trying to get anything, trying to get somebody to notice us and trying to get a deal somewhere. And after spending a little over a year there, we came back to the United States, kind of exhausted, and one guy from RCA came to a show that we did in...

And we initially wanted to do this group because we wanted to be one of those groups who sings acappella But that's -- we wanted that to be our niche. I took from him from when I was about 8 years old until about 11 years old.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, 'N SYNC: We did not have a true bass voice in all four of us. And he said: "But his mother will never let him do it." So...

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Only program in the world that will give you President Carter one night and 'N Sync the next. Chasez, 24 years old, from Bowie, Maryland was also a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

I mean, why does -- it is a kind of a phenomena, isn't it? You wouldn't enjoy like millions of girls screaming "Larry, Larry, Larry"?

But every day, singing, and you know, trying to get our act together.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We saw Ed Mc Mahon last night, too.

I mean, I could imagine if, you know, if my kids, you know, would do that, I don't know what I sound like.

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