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You’re about to arrive for your first day of classes at Berkeley. Maybe you’re the first one in your family to go to college.Whatever your background and experience, you’re sure to have plenty of “firsts” during your time here.It is about a first and formative friendship between two girls (and later women)--a rare subject in literature.The protagonist, Elena, is the first girl in her working-class family to complete her education and go on to college and a professional career.I liked The Little Prince because it is about people and their interaction.Coming to Berkeley, a new place, for college, I felt very lost.

Before Page, Brin, Jobs, and Gates, there were many others whose innovations helped to shape our highly technologized world.

Hopper’s writing is both sharp and clearly conveys her passion about her chosen medium, which makes for a great read even if you aren’t necessarily familiar with the subjects (like I was). Le Guin’s award-winning classic science fiction novel of first contact on the planet Winter, it is always Year One.

It’s also super relevant in its “firstness,” as rock criticism is still largely a boy’s club, which becomes a topic that runs throughout her pieces. Le Guin, daughter of Alfred Kroeber, UCB’s first professor of anthropology, immerses her readers unapologetically in the complex world of Winter so that our experience is akin to that of the First Envoy: a human from Earth named Genly Ai, dropped into the middle of the action to make his way alone, surrounded by alien mystery and danger as he struggles to build a relationship with the enigmatic Estraven, native of Winter.

I knew I had more close friends than I could ask for, yet a part of me always felt lonely.

In college, when the busy-ness catches up, you either withdraw into your own day-to-day life and become isolated, or you become a part of student organizations, who are like friends that you are entitled to.

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