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The journalist asks why.“To have a bird; to have a girl. “Well, it's part of me life and I did do him and that's all there is to it. (I don't) moan about it.”Does he think the Krays could have gone on forever if he'd escaped the charge - and if his brother had also evaded the law? ”Nevertheless Charlie, about seven years older than his kid brothers, painted vivid pictures of the East Anglia they found at the end of their trip from Bethnal Green.“No, they'd have probably done us for tax evasion.” Was he dodging it? After the cramped terraced house in Vallance Road, Mrs Styles's huge Victorian building was a palace.“I quickly got a job in the local fish-and-chip shop and later worked full-time as a tea boy in a factory making mattresses,” he wrote.“When we was little kids we got evacuated to Suffolk, near Ipswich,” confirmed Ronnie among the hubbub of one of those Broadmoor taping sessions.“We went to a Mrs Styles's place in Suffolk - she had a mansion there - and we stayed with her.Their dad, meanwhile, forged a reputation among some Bildeston folk as a cheery “true Cockney diamond”. Charities, and give it away to people.”The EADT has reported in the past how in early 1970 - when they would have been in jail for about a year - the twins wrote to their father and asked him to donate a collection of gym equipment to Hadleigh's youth club. By coincidence, this was now in East House - the place where the boys had spent part of the war as evacuees. it just come to us.” The interviewee raises an eyebrow. I don't know how it always come to us; it just seemed to find us.”Here's a theory, suggests Robin: it's because you took on a few people early on . “If you had a reputation, someone would try to knock you over so they'd have a bigger reputation.” What, like the fastest gun in the west? In this updated edition of his autobiography, Charlie reveals what he really thought about the twins and why he feels they treated him badly.Ronnie confirms on the tape that they didn't get involved in any villainy while in East Anglia. asks Robin, during one of the Broadmoor interviews.“Very well. Very genuine people.” Did the Suffolk villagers know about the Krays' reputation as East End hard men? People recognised us from photographs in the paper. It didn't seem to make any difference to them, anyway. We got on well with them.”Ronnie and Reggie were drinking with friend Charlie Betts, whom they'd met in Hadleigh when they were evacuated, in The Crown pub in Bildeston on the weekend before their arrest in 1968. Regional crime squad officers arrived at The Brooks, searching buildings and digging up part of the garden. The recordings of Ronnie's memories and views touch on many subjects, including his sexuality. ”What does he say to those who claimed in the papers that he was homosexual? “Something like that, yeah.”Ronnie's voice is level during most of his talks with Robin, but an edge of anger appears when his mind turns to those who testified against him at his murder trial. CHARLIE Kray, the twins' older brother, also has his memories of Suffolk.

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Life was a whirl of pubs, clubs and parties, and they rubbed shoulders with celebrities such as Joe Louis and Judy Garland. The answer is perfectly timed and - probably unintentionally - comic. They bought a pink country cottage near the post office for mum and dad and a large house - The Brooks - for themselves.

It's an older London accent - different to the harsh Estuary whine we hear today on East Enders - and doesn't fit the pre-conceived image of a 1960s hardman whose whispered name had petty crooks quaking in their boots.

“If you expect to hear a brash, arrogant loudmouth boasting of his violent exploits, be prepared to be shocked.

Steven Russell Ronnie and Reggie - the East End hard-nuts who developed a love for the Suffolk countryside - might be dead but their legend endures. Twenty years after being jailed for at least 30 years, Ronnie Kray sat in the crowded visiting hall at Broadmoor, the hospital in Berkshire for the criminally insane.

Steven Russell listens to The Kray Tapes THE Krays' love of East Anglia was well known, but it's something else entirely hearing memories slip from their own lips.

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