Bill mahr dating dating american man

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ARIANNA HUFFINGTON ADMITS HE IS HER PERSONAL ADVISOR "To move forward after every big event in my life I have to check in with Bill," she says."Some people have therapy, I have Bill." PHOTOS: The Most Talked About TV News Faces HE GETS PAID HIGH SEVEN FIGURES FOR DOING 35 SHOWS A YEAR His most recent two-year deal, signed in 2010, pays him in the high-seven figures for 35 shows a year.He rarely rises before noon, but that’s as a result of an internal clock that often has him up refining his Real Time monologue until four in the morning.He’s still smoking weed about twice a week, claims though he's never done his show while high.

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Let’s set the record straight: Bill Maher is a bigot.

"This is the most bloodthirsty conversation I've ever had with anyone in my life," Colbert noted.

"There wouldn't be an ISIS if we hadn't gone into Iraq in the first place. "After 9/11, if we had just gotten bin Laden and reinforced the cockpit doors of airplanes, we would probably be better off.

Bill Maher has three words that should terrify Hollywood: Obama could lose.

To the moneyed political class living in what Maher calls the “liberal bubble,” it might seem like a long shot.

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