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The best ones work and stay in the memory, not because the jokes are great, (though sometimes they are), but because the players are good and can develop the characters beyond the mere limitations of the gag.("Frasier" and "The Golden Girls" fall into this category).Her character is the kind of woman who needs a good shaking, (Bette Davis would have made mincemeat out of her), but you love her all the same.At least until she starts making a fool of herself with Armand Assante's French sleaze-ball and the film loses it's comic momentum.Clueless nightclub waitress Sunny Ann Davis accidentally spots and ...See full summary » When her husband dies on their wedding night, Judy decides to join the United States Army.See more » There are millions of comedies like "Private Benjamin".

One can’t achieve perfection – but I like the idea of at least failing on the way to getting near it!

He was only 20 when his orchestral work [Spotify] was performed for the first time at the Proms and provided a major breakthrough; since then his works have been few in number, but great in impact, microscopically sensitive and finely wrought.

‘I had been hoping to write a full-scale opera ever since I started composing,’ Benjamin says, ‘so I had been thinking and thinking about the issues involved for over half my life.’ His partnership with author Martin Crimp was the clinching factor: the pair first collaborated on a 35-minute opera, , music and text are knitted together inextricably – not least, thanks to Benjamin’s celebrated perfectionism.

There is at least one other grand-standing comic turn from Eileen Brennan as Hawn's drill sergeant.

Brennan's like a slightly butcher Mae West, (I think we're meant to assume she's a lesbian), and she gives her lines the kind of inflection that West did.

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    In some ways, the series is a kind of census or travelogue, capturing local conditions (the quality of light, the colour of wallpaper, the speed of internet connections) from Iraq to Russia and Switzerland.

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